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Ruin With Permit to Rebuild, Hydra

Ruin to rebuild for sale

Hydra Island, Greece


HD300524 Pomegranate House For Sale Hydra0041.jpeg

Hydra Building Plot with Permit for Up to 5-Bedroom House

Real Estate Description

This ruin to rebuild on Hydra is offered for sale with a current building permit. Surrounded by prestigious properties and offering a panoramic view of Hydra Harbour, this home is an excellent choice for true lovers of the island. The future owners will have the opportunity to rebuild it from scratch, allowing them to create their own Hydra home that fits perfectly the island’s authentic charm and quirkiness.

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Hydra Island, Greece

Upper Hydra Town



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149.36 m2





To build

The real estate comes with a permit obtained by the superb designer and architect Enrique Llorca. The existing, valid plans for this property for sale will result in a superbly designed up to five-bedroom house on two floors, enabling future owners to blend modern living with timeless beauty.

The property is a single plot with a building permit valid until December 2024. You have the opportunity to rebuild a two-story house featuring two bedrooms and one bathroom on the ground floor, and a living room with either a bedroom or kitchen and an additional bathroom on the upper floor. Additionally, two bedrooms and one bathroom can be rebuilt across the entrance and above the cistern.

A flat roof terrace sits above the two bedrooms over the cistern, while the top floor of the main house offers spectacular views of Hydra Harbour and the Peloponnese mainland across the sea.

Summary Points

  • 5-bedroom house

  • 3 bathrooms and an external WC or storeroom

  • Approximately 30% of building material is on site


Not applicable


This neighborhood has a mix of full-time residential homes, some second homes, and a few luxurious holiday properties. It remains quietly active both in the summer and off-season. The area is generally quiet, with the large church at the back of the property being used only once a year on its name day.

Utilities & Technical

All connection points for water, sewage, and electricity are in the street, right in front of the property for easy connection. The area has good reception for phone and internet.


Enrique Llorca, a master at planning for the maximum use of small spaces, collaborated on this property’s plan. The permit allows for five small bedrooms, but you are not required to follow the exact layout of the interior walls. Personally, I would opt for three larger bedrooms, but the final decision is up to you.

Once built, the owner will need to update their digital ID for the homeowner’s folder and amend their E9 to reflect any changes to the interior walls. Any amendments to the permit may require prior approval, so it is always advisable to discuss changes with your engineer first.

I possess the Digital Electronic Building ID documents, including the supporting documents, the drawings, the building permit, and the authorized floor plans. Please contact me to request the PDFs by email.

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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Kelsey Edwards

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