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Donkey Thistle Rebuild, Poros

House & land for sale

Poros Island, Greece


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Gorgeous Little House to Rebuild With Views of Its Private Olive Grove

Real Estate Description

Standing at the top of a grove of olive trees, this gorgeous 60m² ruin is the perfect choice for those seeking authentic Greek countryside tranquility and calmness. While it requires investment, the fundamental structure is in good shape, providing a solid foundation to rebuild a home. It’s a challenge, but with time and investment, this property could become a luxurious real estate.

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Poros Island, Greece

Ag. Nektarios

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60m2 (TBC)

2800 m2





Donkey Thistle Rebuild is nestled in the heart of Poros Island, in the area known as Agios Nektarios. Away from noisy tourist spots with a view of olive trees and fields, this real estate provides a peaceful space for nature lovers. With the opportunity to cultivate olives, it’s ideal for those looking to embrace island living and perhaps even start their olive oil business.

The existing building is uninhabitable and would require significant demolition, but approximately 50% of the stone could be recycled. Once renovated, this real estate for sale could become an idyllic Greek Island getaway, especially with a freshwater cistern for a swimming pool.

Summary Points

One rundown real estate to rebuild, currently laid out as follows:

  • 2 floors

  • 2 rooms on the top floor

  • 2 rooms on the ground floor

  • 2800 m² field with 40 productive olive trees

  • Various animal pens (mainly for poultry) in poor condition, with many feral chickens in the olive trees

  • Road widens to a parking area behind the house and neighboring chapel, allowing easy delivery of building materials


  • Most of the older building can be preserved

  • Large quantities of recyclable building materials

  • Space to reuse rubble for terracing instead of removal

  • Stunning wide-open views

  • Close to the road for easy access

  • Nearby chapel, active only once a year on a saint’s name day

  • Good chain fence around the property

  • 40 olive trees

  • Peaceful and quiet

  • Fertile ground for growing food


Located in the central part of Poros, the Agios Nektarios area is full of identical small, charming properties. Most have olives, some keep animals for feeding, and all have poultry—mostly chickens and geese.

A very friendly little donkey walks around in the field right next door. It’s a genuine symbol of traditional Greek village life, adding to the island’s rustic charm.

A lovely chapel on the other side of the road from the house is active but doesn’t hold regular services. It opens once per year on the saint’s name day.

Utilities & Technical

There is mains electricity and water supplied to the house.


I am seriously tempted not to push hard to sell this property because it’s my own idyllic dream house. However, the timing isn’t right for me. I will gladly show the property to anyone looking for a small island house to write, make music, grow their food, or just enjoy the simple things in life that today’s modern pace often overlooks.

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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Kelsey Edwards

WhatsApp/Mobile: +30 698 813 1742


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