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Real Estate Locations

Quite literally, I can point you in the right direction!

The Locations I Cover

You're not just buying a property in Greece, you're buying a lifestyle. The location matters because you need to know the area will deliver what you expect as much as the property does.


The location will affect how much house you'll get for your money and whether you can expect a return on your investment.


And once you own your idyllic Greek property, you'll need to maintain it, easily get provisions, and go out and about locally. I provide some personally gleaned information for each of the areas I cover, to get you started.

My network of Direct sites are free for all to use and packed with useful information for visitors and homeowners alike. See the links below.


Aegina & Agistri Islands

Aegina is the least pretentious of the Saronic Islands. Covered with pistachio fields. Wide range of property prices starting from 50k upwards. It's also the administration centre for neighbouring Agistri Island that's that's devoted to beach and sun lovers.


Poros Island & Galatas

Overlooked by tourism. It's deliciously green, relaxing, and very clean. Your investment will go a long way here. Poros is the administration center for Galatas on the mainland as well as the island itself.

Galatas is on the Peloponnese mainland exactly opposite Poros Island (only 5 mins by car ferry). This makes Poros and Galatas perfect for those who don't want to fly, drive themselves and have the minimum amount of time on a ferry. Property prices start very low, (€50k) but go into the millions for an estate. Super connections with other islands in the gulf and easy road access to the places of interest on the Peloponnese.


Spetses Island

Furthest away from Piraeus, about 2.5 hours by Cat, Spetses is the aristocratic favourite 2nd home destination especially with Greek Athenians. Prices are on  par with Hydra but what you get for your money is quite a bit more.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 20.24.05.png

Hydra Island & Metochi

Glamorous, step back in time, no wheeled vehicles allowed anywhere on the island, most expensive of the Saronic islands. The whole island is a designated National Monument with a strict building code attached to a preservation order.

Metochi, opposite on the mainland Peloponnese is the closest point you can drive to, then it's a passenger ferry (30 mins) across to Hydra. Otherwise, it's a 2-hour passenger catamaran journey from Piraeus.

I also list property for sale around Metochi which is a great place to explore all of the islands off the Peloponnese and property prices in this area are much more affordable.

For more information about Hydra, click the button below.

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Ermioni (Peloponnese)

Ermioni is a small seaside town on a peninsula of the Peloponnese mainland with great access to Hydra. There's a wide range of property for sale from 100k up.

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