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About Saronic.Net

Saronic.Net is my Greek real estate shop window. Saronic.Net IKE PC is my registered Greek Real Estate Agency. It is solely owned by me, Kelsey Edwards, an independent property conveyancer, your English real estate agent in Greece, with unparalleled property expertise and a passion for introducing sellers to buyers on the Greek Islands and Peloponnese mainland of the Saronic Gulf.

I live on Hydra Island, and my registered company address is in Kallithea (Athens). But I am rarely at either because I am mostly on the road (and sea) doing market surveys or viewings.

As a 'Coneyancer' I'm very selective. I only work with serious sellers, buyers and homeowners. By serious, I mean people who, with total confidentiality, communicate honestly and work with me to resolve any issues with properties, sorting out their finances etc. I am a completely neutral facilitator and never compromise either the buyer or the seller by divulging private or confidential family or financial matters.

Knowing How

With decades of Greek-based experience in the legal process of selling and buying. I provide my Homeowner's Document Folder service to sellers (including Digital ID) and my Conveyancing service to buyers working with an associated team of professionals: engineers/architects, lawyers, accountants and public notaries. I take real estate seriously. I have City & Guilds qualifications from the UK (because there aren't courses in Greece) and my business is legally set up and registered as a Greek company that issues VAT invoices. I also keep a weekly eye on the Greek Government Gazette announcements to keep up-to-date with changes to real estate laws. And I have my own company lawyer and public notary to refer to when I need clarification for myself or my clients. 

Knowing My People

My service and approach to business are up-close and very personal. I build relationships. I meet sellers in the properties they ask me to sell. I get to know them, their families, the professionals they are using and know where they work. And yes, I get to know their pets too! With buyers, again, I work very closely with them to make sure I know exactly what they are looking for and have thought everything through from how they will finance their purchase to how they will use it. Working so closely with buyers and sellers is very time-consuming which is one of the reasons why my property listing is short!

Idyllic Greek Property Demystified

Happily, Greek property law is rigorously precise and logical. Unfortunately, it's also shrouded in mystery and extremely confusing because so many functions are compartmentalized. Often it's not until a property goes to contract that missing documents and errors are discovered, which often means the sale collapses. This is why Saronic.Net offers 'Conveyancing' as my primary real estate function because I don't like to be disappointed either!

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