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Meet Kelsey Edwards

Hello, I am Kelsey Edwards and Saronic.Net IKE PC is my company.


The Saronic.Net website is my shop window where I show my passion for everything related to the personal, bespoke real-estate-related services I offer.

I've lived full-time as a Greek resident since moving to Greece in December 1999 just in time for the 2000 Millenium changeover.


Through the ups and downs of running a Greek business and as an active ex-pat member of the community, I have become an authority on how to get things done properly.

Property sales agent, Kelsey Edwards, on Hydra Island Greece

Not typical

Kelsey Edwards on Hydra Island

I am not a typical real estate agent. I am an out-and-out-control freak. I simply can't bring myself to list hundreds of properties and cross my fingers that eventually one or two might stick! I hate it when things go wrong and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure it doesn't.

The glue that keeps it all together

Photo shoot with Kelsey Edwards of Saronic.Net real estate agency

I am a Conveyancer which is just a real-estate-specific title for a project manager. From setting up a property to sell, organizing buyers so they can proceed, to making sure homeowners are fully in control of all their house matters, I provide transparent communication from beginning to end. In short, even though sticking to a plan can be tricky, I am the glue that keeps it all together.

It's all in the detail

Kelsey Edwards photographing property for sale in Greece

I love verified facts and detail. I pay attention to laws and regulations. I make lists, do critical path analysis, carry out in-depth surveys, and cross-reference everything obsessively. I personally check every property, collate the necessary documents, and write, photograph and video everything myself. I'm just as thorough with my potential buyers to make sure I match them with properties that will suit their lifestyle and budget. For all my clients I liaise with all the professionals and official departments to cut through and make sense of Greek bureaucracy.

Always on the go

Kelsey Edwards doing property survey for Saronic.Net real estate agency on Hydra Island

You won't find me in the office because I am constantly out and about meeting sellers at the properties they want to sell, taking potential buyers on viewings, fact-finding, researching documents and working with the lovely team of professionals I trust to help me provide the best possible real estate conveyancing service.

Whether you're a buyer, seller
or a Greek property owner,
please don't hesitate to reach out
for a no-obligation chat
to discuss your real estate

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