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A coastal town on the Peloponnese mainland with good travel connections for Hydra & Spetses.


All About Ermioni

Introducing Ermioni (also written as Hermioni), a relaxing and beautiful port town in the Peloponnesian Riviera of Greece. For those seeking a secluded getaway, ferry tickets to Ermioni is the way to go. Few know about it, but those who do love this picturesque port with all the beauty of the Greek islands. The stunning seafront, traditional buildings, and a harbor flowing with turquoise waters make Ermioni a testament to the untapped charm of mainland Greece.

A small population of 4000 calls Ermioni its home base, but the surrounding area of Ermionida is filled in the summer months by Athenians and international tourists escaping the urban heat for a little slice of paradise. Only a 2.5-hour drive away from Athens, this town is filled with excellent gastronomic options, impeccable beaches, and nearby cultural sites that make it well worth a visit.

While present-day Ermionida (the name of the municipality) is a much-desired holiday destination, the region has a long and winding history dating back to the prehistoric era. Myth has it that the town was dedicated to the messenger of the gods, the wing-footed Hermes. Ermioni flourished in antiquity due to its strategic geographic position, going on to be settled by the Romans and the Venetians. Archaeological sites exhibiting this proud past are all within reach of the present-day Ermioni, where the oldest complete human skeleton in Europe was found just nearby, dating back to 23000 BCE. Enjoy your visit to this chic haven on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, where you will be completely immersed in its charming atmosphere and soothing surroundings.

Routes and Ferries to Ermioni

When you book your ferry tickets to Ermioni with Ferryscanner, you take the first step in your journey to explore this wonderful slice of the Peloponnesian coastline. The port is well-connected, meaning you’ll easily find ferry tickets to Ermioni from the nearby islands and mainland towns. From mainland Greece, you can journey to Ermioni from the port of Piraeus in around 1.5 hrs with Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star Ferries, or from nearby Porto Heli (0.45 hrs).

Alternatively, you can find ferry tickets to Ermioni from the cosmopolitan islands of Spetses (0.25 hrs), Hydra (0.2 hrs), and Poros (1.15 hrs). If you’re coming from Athens, the KTEL Argolidas public bus runs frequently to Ermioni (2.5 hours) from KTEL Kifisou in the city center. You’ll also find regular bus routes to Ermioni from Nafplio (1.5 hrs).

Port of Ermioni

The port of Ermioni is the center of town; a developed area that looks out onto the Saronic Gulf. When arriving at the port by ferry, you’ll be greeted by anchored yachts and a long sprawl of terraced houses with traditional facades. Here, you’ll find most of the services you’ll need for your stay. Cafés and restaurants line the port side, all offering delicious local fare with seafood specialties.

As Ermioni is located on a small peninsula, it’s a great idea to take a walk along the coast to the lush greenery of Alsos Bitsi public park. Seven minutes away from the port, you’ll find the windmill of Mitsa overlooking the Gulf – a charming old-world feature that captures the rustic simplicity of Greek villages.

Best Beaches of Ermioni

With a stay in Ermioni, you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy some of the best beaches in the region. Take a short walk from town to the nearby locales, or head south down to the secluded coves of the peninsula. No matter where you go, you will be greeted by pristine waters, pebbled shorelines, and stunning sea vistas.


The first beach you’ll discover upon arrival is Ermioni Beach, also known as the town’s beach. Just a 5-minute walk from the port takes you to this small and undeveloped pebbled cove. Despite the sea traffic, the water is crystal clear and a favorite for locals seeking a midday splash. Enjoy relaxing afternoons here, then make your way up to the town for much-needed refreshments or a delicious meal.


Head south from Ermioni town for 12-minutes and arrive at Kouverta Beach; a relaxing slice of coastline framed by the surrounding peninsula. Wild chamomile grows on the sand, creating a blanket of white and yellow that glows in the springtime. There’s a beach bar and some dining options, which make it ideal for a leisurely day on the beach.


Petrothalassa Beach is part of a series of coves that run along the coastline, 8 km away from Ermioni. Beach bars and sunbeds line the fine, sun-blushed sand that stares out at an emerald-green sea. Petrothalassa is the most developed of the coves, but it’s an excellent starting point for making your way east along the coastline and exploring the more secluded and rugged beaches that lie between. Two beaches over you’ll find the dark-pebbled bay of Sentoni, perfect for a peaceful swim away from any crowds.


A 7-minute drive up the coastline takes you to Dardeza Beach; a peaceful and uncrowded bay with pebbly sand and azure waters. There’s little in the way of development, which makes it great for a peaceful swim. You’ll find a small shop selling refreshments, as well as a series of hidden caves that are perfect for exploring or jumping into.


En route to Franchthi Cave, it’s a great idea to make a stop at the huge, white-sand paradise of Lepitsa Beach. It’s a 20-minute drive from Ermioni, where you’ll pass through the rolling greens of the Kilada Golf Club. Once there, enjoy the turquoise waters and some excellent beachside dining options. There are also plenty of green spaces north of the beach, around a 30-minute walk north towards Franchthi.

Things to Do Around Ermioni

Explore the Town

The town of Ermioni is easy-going and traditional, making it just perfect for wandering around and taking in its charming ambiance. Don’t miss the chance to wine and dine on the seafront, where you’ll find lots of authentic tavernas and restaurants. The Historical and Folklore Museum is located in the heart of town, around a 10-minute walk from the port. There, you’ll discover local handicrafts and an insight into the fascinating past of the region.

The main town is dotted with simple, family-style accommodation options, but for a taste of the glamorous reputation of the area, head slightly inland into Ermionida. There are plenty of 5-star resorts frequented by high-end patrons and international guests, as well as opulent villas tucked away from prying eyes behind the private gardens of Agios Emilianos. Ermioni is a place of contrasts; one part rustic seaside town, the other a haven for the rich and famous. No matter your persuasion, you’ll find yourself right at home in this hidden gem.

Visit the Church of Agia Ermioni

Just 20-minutes up into the hillsides takes you to the Church of Agia Ermioni, where you will discover a pretty whitewashed facade protecting an interior lined with authentic Greek Orthodox artwork. The church itself is built atop an ancient temple and, after visiting, you can make your way to the surrounding pine forest, taking in the lush natural beauty that is typical of the Peloponnese region.

Explore Franchthi Cave

Franchthi Cave is a hugely significant archaeological site for Greece – one of the most studied sites in southern Europe – and only a 20-minute drive away from the town of Ermioni. Human life has been recorded here as far back as 38000 BCE, with the caves once home to hunter-gatherer communities. Now, it makes a fascinating excursion from Ermioni. The dramatic caves have a distinct sense of mystery and wonder, with well-marked signs guiding you through the many discoveries that have been made there.

Make a Day Trip to Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a glamorous seaside town 25-minutes away from Ermioni. With turquoise waters, chic hotels, and fine-dining options, it’s well-loved by travelers seeking the finer things in life. Porto Heli looks out at the nearby island of Spetses; an alluring haven for aristocrats, celebrities, and the Athenian elite. Enjoy a day trip to Porto Heli and get a feel for the cosmopolitan crowd that has made its beautiful beaches their summer escape.

Transportation Around Ermioni

If you’re just planning on exploring the town, you’ll have no problem making your way around Ermioni on foot. Most facilities you’ll need for your stay are within 15 minutes of the port, while there are also bike rental options for heading into nature.

For trips to the surrounding areas and beaches, take note of local bus routes and timetables. A KTEL bus network runs throughout the surrounding area but varies depending on the season. It’s well worth organizing a private car rental for access to some of the more secluded spots or making use of the nearby ports for day trips to the neighboring islands.

Port Authority of Ermioni: +302754031243

Municipality of Ermioni: +302754360000

Police of Ermioni: +302754021210

Ermioni Health Center: +302754031224

Pharmacy: +302754031590

Ermioni Bus Service: +302752027423

Tourist Office of Ermioni: +302754031514

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