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Galatas is the sister town of Poros, which is just 320 metres away across a small sea chanel. It has a pleasant waterfront, where you can sit and relax in many of the cafes, bars or tavernas, enjoying wonderful views of Poros.  Galatas is still a very traditional Greek coastal town, where time seems to stand still.  In Galatas they say that "the best thing about being on Poros is the beautiful view", especially at night with all the lights reflecting on the sea.  The cost of living in Galatas is slightly cheaper than Poros and the tourist market is undeveloped.  There are plenty of hotels, tavernas, cafes and bars along the waterfront, but the town still retains its genuine Greek feeling and most of the inhabitants live by growing olives and citrus-fruits.  To the Greeks, Galatas is more famous for its 30,000 citrus tree Lemonodassos Lemon forest, as opposed to tourism.

A new amusement place can be found just West of Galatas called Elanova.  It offers visitors the chance to swim in their beautiful pool, sunbathe in comfort, enjoy good food in the first class restaurant, get cool drinks from the bar and enjoy a game of tennis, basketball or volleyball.  Children can play games in the safe playground or go and see all the animals in the mini zoo.

Although there are no beaches in Galatas, there are a few within 3 kms of the town centre.  The small beach at Bouja is only 1 km away, Plaka beach is just over 2 kms away and has a small taverna close by,  with Aliki beach just 3 kms away being the best in the whole area, having two tavernas close by.  You can reach all three beaches by taxi, or taxi-boat from the main harbour.

The drive from Ermioni to Galatas is approximately 40 kms along the scenic coastal road, travelling East past the island of Hydra, and takes approximately 50 minutes.  There are many free parking spaces along the waterfront.  From Galatas, you can buy your ferry ticket and take the 320 metre, five minute, sea crossing over to Poros.  Tickets must be purchased prior to sailing, from a small kiosk next to the shuttle ferry-boat docking area, the cost being approximately 1 Euro per person, one way.  Cars can also be taken across on the ferry, cost approximately 5.00 Euros, including the driver.  The ferry boat sails from Galatas to Poros, with a return trip, every 30 minutes each day.

Close to the ferry boat station, there are small traditional motor-boats that cross over to Poros every 10 minutes (or sooner when they are full). Cost is 1 Euro per person, one way.  There are ample free car-parking spaces available along the whole waterfront, very close to the motor-boat and ferry boat crossing points, as it only really gets busy during the high summer months. 

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