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Network of Direct Sites

My network of direct sites started with which was how I shared information with friends and family about my new home when I first moved to Hydra, Greece at the beginning of 2000. Over the years, it's grown, adapted and has become a major resource for the businesses of Hydra as well as visitors who want reliable information.

The concept was to provide reliable information that I had personally gathered/vetted and to include direct contact information so that visitors could make their arrangements directly so I don't have to be the middle-(wo)man. It's a concept that I have now expanded to cover all the areas where I am involved in real estate in the Argo Saronic Gulf.

As with the original site, all my direct sites are created by one person and available to everyone.

Started in 2000, my Hydra site is the template for all my network. It's packed with about 600 pages of information about the island and is constantly evolving and being updated to keep it current. 

Hydra island during a sunny day in the home page of HydraDirect site

This site started in 2023 after a fact finding road trip with my friend driving. It was an interesting and illuminiating experience. More than enough for me to kick-start my network of sites to make life easier for me to share information.

Aeginadirect main home page photo

This site came into being at the beginning of 2024 and includes information about Poros Island as well as the mainland area of Galatas.

Porosdirect site photo showing the island of Poros
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