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Piji Building Land, Hydra

Building land for sale

Hydra Island, Greece


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Building land for sale in Hydra with recyclable rocks. Located in the pretty Kamini area, at the start of the inland road to Vlychos. Close to a beach and shops.

Real Estate Description

Piji Building Land is a good-sized plot for sale, located in the Kamini parish of Zoodochos Piji. The land falls within the Hydra Town plan, meaning the building ratio rule of 50:50 applies. It’s ideal for creative people who want to build their Hydra home from scratch in a well-established neighborhood.

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Hydra Island, Greece

Zoodochos Piji

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Yes, after construction

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289 m2


On a plot size of 290m², an incoming buyer would be able to apply for a permit to build up to 145m², which is more than enough for a two to three-bedroom house. The plot is orientated northwest and the ruin has a good L-shaped footprint with visible corners, positioned in the center of the plot. The incoming buyer must apply for a building permit.

The plot is surrounded by as many houses as can ever be built in this neighborhood, so what you see now is what will always be. You will always have an unobstructed view of the sea and the sunset.

There is a plot much lower down the hill, visible in the photos, where could be built. However, the allowed building footprint is in the lower west corner, so you might just be able to see the roofline. It is far enough away that it will make little difference to your view.

This side of the hill looks towards the north and the plot is on a gentle slope, so the back wall at the top of the plot is the south border. The north border is defined by the back wall of the house on the corner of the approach street. The east side of the lower third of the plot is bound by the west side wall of the neighboring house. The entire west boundary consists of street steps.

Summary Points

Sea and sunset views towards Kamini Harbor.


There is quite a bit of good quality dressed stone on site, including some wall corners that could be stabilized.


The parish of Zoodochos Piji is located above Four Corners on the south side of the Kamini Valley towards Analypsi. The plot is 727m away from the Cathedral Bell Tower in Hydra Town. An averagely fit person needs about 12 minutes to walk to this property for sale. All supermarkets deliver to this area free of charge if you spend over €50, while plenty of mule men who live in the area would give you local rates to transport belongings.

Just down from the plot, the inland road begins, running from the back of Kamini to Vlychos. The beach at Vlychos is approximately a 15-minute walk away. Kamini Beach and the harbor are about 10 minutes away. The closest shop is the Gavrilis shop and the closest restaurants are the Pirofani and Cam-in Kamini. Most of the property in the immediate area is owned by local families.

Utilities & Technical

There is probably an old “vothros” under the footprint of the old house, but the town’s main system runs under the west boundary street, making it easy to connect with the main sewage disposal. Additionally, electricity and water lines run along the boundary street, so connecting a new property should not be difficult or overly expensive.

It is also probable that there is a freshwater cisterna under the footprint of the ruin, but I will update these details when I find it. The area is covered for phone and Wi-Fi connection.


There is documented evidence of a property on this plot dating back to 1829. The ruins are still visible, with partial walls remaining in some areas. Obtaining a building permit should not be a lengthy process if you don’t ask to build off the original footprint.

I would be happy to recommend my preferred architect and engineer to assist you in your decision-making. Please contact me for more information.

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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