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Red Stone Property, Hydra

Residential property for sale

Hydra Island, Greece


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Move-in ready 1-bedroom ground-floor apartment for sale on Hydra with a large garden and multiple levels of terraces. Stone-built, 100 m², with a permit to extend.

Real Estate Description

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Hydra Island, Greece

Upper Kamini



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100 m2





The street entrance to this property in Hydra is shared with two other properties. Once down a short flight of steps from the entrance and through the gate, you reach this charming house for sale. It overlooks a good-sized garden and features a small flat-roofed outside bathroom and apothiki (storage room), perfect for setting up a table and chairs to watch the sunset over Dokos Island.

From the garden, you enter an L-shaped apartment. A double bedroom with fitted wardrobes is at one end of the living room, while the kitchen is located at the right angle of the L-shaped space. The bathroom is located off the kitchen end of the living room. Very simple, clean, with character, and easy to move into and live as it is without making any changes.

The main terrace is made with beautiful red stone from Dokos, featuring the garden on one side of it. At the end of the terrace, there is a huge flight of entrance steps leading. The funny part is that they are leading to nowhere.

Originally, this one and neighboring houses were part of a much larger building that fell into disuse. Over generations, the properties were divided, leaving the grand set of stairs isolated and unused. A flat roof at the top of the stairs is the ceiling of the bathroom in the short length of the L-shaped apartment. Below the stairs, accessible from the bathroom, is a storage area with a sloping ceiling due to its position.

As you walk out of the apartment door, you look across the red Dokos terrace at three small multi-level terraces. One of these terraces has a small outbuilding that was originally used as a toilet for the property. It is situated next to the garden.

As of June 2024, the current owner/seller has obtained permission from ADIEA to extend the apartment by an additional 70 square meters. The decision to leave the property as is or to proceed with the extension is up to the incoming buyer who should remember that the permit is valid for five years.

The garden is flat and has a square shape. It was a very productive vegetable garden for years, but now it’s left go fallow. Luckily, it could be brought back to life very easily.

Summary Points

  • Street entrance to a communal terrace, shared with two neighbors

  • Gated entrance into the apartment’s garden

  • 1 floor

  • 1 large open-plan living room with a fully-fitted kitchen at one end

  • 1 double bedroom

  • 1 shower room

  • Small “apothiki” (storage room)

  • 4 different levels of terraces

  • Large, fertile garden, formerly a vegetable plot

  • Square, flat-roofed outside bathroom on the terrace, below the garden

  • Sunset-facing sea views from the garden and roof of the outside bathroom


  • Thick 80 cm stone walls

  • Deep-set windows with shutters

  • Ais-conditioning in some rooms

  • Ceramic tile flooring

  • Original waist-height fireplace and a traditional chimney hood with a log storage


This is one of the most characterful areas of Kamini, still evoking the charm it had 25 years ago when I first moved to the island. You rarely see tourists wandering about (unless they’re lost), and the neighbors, mostly old Hydriot families, often sit in the street chatting and keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

A little further west of this real estate for sale in Hydra is the start of the inland Kamini to Vlychos route, making Vlychos Beach about a 15-minute walk away. Your nearest shop for provisions is the Gavrilis store, and the closest restaurant is Pirofani.

Utilities & Technical

The property is connected to the mains supply for:

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Sewage

The property also has the benefit of a freshwater cisterna.


Since the building permit is valid for five years (as of 2024), my advice is to live in the apartment for a year to understand how you use it during different seasons. Then you can decide whether to proceed with the additional expense and building upheaval or consider tweaking the permit. There’s no need to rush the decision. If you would like professional advice, I would be happy to recommend an excellent architect and engineer.

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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