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Westside House, Hydra

Residential property for sale

Hydra Island, Greece


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Spacious ready-to-move-in 5-bedroom real estate in Hydra, located on the east side of the harbor. Traditionally built, in good condition, not a tourist neighborhood.

Real Estate Description

Westside House is the perfect home for those seeking a touch of Hydra’s rich history. Originally constructed in the 18th century by prosperous merchants, this spacious property offers 220 m² of living space in one building that has been internally divided into two independent dwellings. Situated on the cooler side of the amphitheater and surrounded by local Hydriot families, the home features five bedrooms, making it ideal for large families. The two-building layout allows for hosting family or friends while maintaining daily privacy, and each part of this real estate for sale is fully equipped, making it suitable for holiday rentals. With its solid structural condition, Westside House is an excellent starting point for restoring its traditional charm and historical appearance. Working with a good architect could seamlessly rejoin the two halves.

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Hydra Island, Greece

West Hydra Harbour

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220 m2





The larger part of the building is on two levels. You enter the top floor from the back street into a large living room with a gallery kitchen on one side. From the sitting room, there are doors to two bedrooms that are at the front of the house and have terrific views of the town, harbor, and mountain views, looking east. 

A shower room is positioned between the kitchen and the second bedroom. The sitting room has a working fireplace on one side and stairs leading down to the lower floor, which is a spacious, dormitory-style bedroom. This room is half the depth of the floor above, and, being at the front of the house, it has the same view as the bedrooms above.

The second part of the building is on one level, with a side garden planted with citrus trees. It has access from the street behind the property. The street door opens into an enclosed loggia, which overlooks the garden and features an outside terrace running the length of the loggia. At one end of the loggia is a double bedroom. On the other side of the loggia, which shares a wall with the main part of the building, you’ll find a kitchen, a small living area, a double bedroom at the front of the property, and a bathroom.

Summary Points

  • Detached house

  • Divided into two parts, sharing wall between kitchens and bathrooms

  • Building A has two floors

  • Building B has one floor

  • 5 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • 2 kitchens

  • 2 sitting rooms

  • 1 enclosed loggia opening to a long, narrow terrace

  • Enclosed garden

  • Stunning views from the front-facing sides of the building and the garden


  • Marble flooring

  • Air-conditioning

  • Wi-Fi

  • Fireplace with a rounded chimney breast

  • Fitted kitchen appliances and cupboards included

  • Structurally sound

  • Very private and not overlooked

  • Well-established, productive citrus trees


This real estate for sale is situated on the shady side of the amphitheater that protects Hydra Harbor. It’s on the full morning sun, stays cooler in the afternoon compared to the other side of the harbor, and offers stunning views of the changing colors across the mountains as the sun sets.

This was one of the original buildings that wealthy merchants built in the 18th century for themselves. In those days, the east side of the amphitheater was, from the point of view of ship owners, the best vantage point. They could look out the window and see across the gulf to watch for their ships coming back. During the Ottoman rule, many houses, including this one, were built close to the home and workplace of the Ottoman ruler. Only the ruins of the grand entrance, situated just below this house, remain standing today.

All of the properties for sale on this side of the Hydra Harbor are quite large. They’re owned by a good mix of local Hydriot families and Athenians whose ancestors had ties to Hydra. There are very few holiday rentals and the closest hotel is the Hydra Hotel, whose roof can be seen below the lower floor windows of building A.

Utilities & Technical

Mains supply for:

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Sewage


As an enthusiastic fan of the classic 18th-century architecture on Hydra Island, I am almost itching to take on the restoration of this property to put it back together as one grand house. Unfortunately, when houses are passed down to multiple inheritors, these big properties get divided up between siblings and cousins. This common practice disrupts the original proportions of the rooms and often results in the loss of the property’s classic charm and stunning simplicity due to modernization.

However, the building is in a very sound structural condition, with the plumbing conveniently located in the center of the building and a robust, upgraded electric supply. I would be delighted to discuss the potential to blend the two sides of the property back together and have to recommend an excellent architect and engineer. Please, don’t dismiss this rare property in Hydra. Come and see it because it has lots of potential that could be done very quickly with careful planning

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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