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Westside Spiti, Hydra

Residential property for sale

Hydra Island, Greece


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Small Traditional House With a Panoramic View of Hydra Port

Real Estate Description

Westside Spiti is a charming traditional Hydra house, offering a panoramic harbor view from the top-floor living room and terrace. Perfect to keep as it is with minimal renovation, this two-floor home features 1.5 bedrooms. With a reasonable cost, it could be remodeled into two ensuite bedrooms without losing its essence.

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Hydra Island, Greece

West Hydra Harbour



Eligible for Greek Golden Visa:


Living space:

Plot size:





78 m2





In need of renovation

This home offers a relaxed lifestyle with closeness to the port, as well as a view above it to see the opposite side of the port. From the terrace, where you can relax in the shade protected from the summer heat, you will enjoy breathtaking views of luxurious Hydra homes with traditional island rooftops, bathed in sunlight. 

The renovation will enhance this real estate for sale, expanding its potential and adding value.

Summary Points

  • L-shaped

  • 2 floors on the top level, one floor on the lower level

  • 1.5 bedroom

  • 1 shower room

  • 1 kitchen

  • Large living room with a terrace and a harbor view

  • Cistern beneath the terrace, adjacent to one wall of the lower floor bedroom, suitable for a potential bathroom


  • Spectacular harbor view without any obstructing cables 

  • Surprisingly easy walk up from the harbor

  • Spiral staircase connecting the first-floor living room with the ground-floor

  • Morning sun terrace overlooking the port

  • Refreshing during the hot summer months

  • Less harbor noise compared to the other side of the port’s amphitheater


As its name suggests, Westside Spiti is situated at a medium height from the west corner of Hydra Harbor’s amphitheater. This exclusive location offers cooler temperatures compared to the sun-facing side, making it very pleasant during the summer heat.

The surrounding houses, including this property, are built into the mountainside, providing extra coolness in the summer and protection from the winds. Without west-facing windows, this real estate for sale stays cooler.

For winter insulation against dampness and cold, the stone walls are over 80cm thick. Additionally, the property is slightly set back, shielded from chilly north winds by the neighboring houses.

The surrounding properties are a mix of full-time and part-time luxury residential homes, so you will have Greek and international neighbors.

Utilities & Technical

Mains supply for:

  • Electricity

  • Water (desalinated)

  • Sewage

Alarge cistern below the terrace catches rainwater. However, it is empty at the moment and needs repair. 


It would be possible to live in this property as it is without having to do much more than fixing a couple of doors. I recommend living in it for 12 months to learn how to use it in different seasons. I’d invest about €200,000 on this real estate for sale once a simple building permit is obtained, which takes about 6 months.

I’d definitely knock through into the cisterna from the downstairs bedroom to create an ensuite dressing room and a shower room. I’d move the kitchen from its current position to the right-angle corner on the top floor and take down the internal dividing wall to the sitting room. This would create one spacious, open-plan living room.

The current kitchen space would be turned into a proper bedroom, keeping the bathroom in the same place. In addition, I would reinstate the traditional staircase, which is still hidden at the back of the downstairs bedroom, and get rid of the spiral staircase. To cope with modern electrical equipment, it would be advisable to upgrade the property’s power supply and completely rewire it, as there aren’t enough sockets at the moment.

The asking price plus €200,000 means you wouldn’t see ROI for at least five years. However, this traditional Hydra house would hold its value and be worth the effort.

Viewing and extra information

To arrange a viewing or for more information (including plans, more photos, and current length of time to be able to go to contract), please contact me.

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