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Hydra Renovations - Musical Transformation On The Hill

Updated: May 24

International musicians, Maya Homburger and Barry Guy, bought their traditional stone Hydra house on the hill because it gave them the essential sound separation they need when practicing. With the help of construction engineer Konstantinos Rappas, who managed their Hydra renovations, they transformed the lower-ground and top floors into music rooms separated by their living space on the middle floor.

Violinist Maya Homburger and Barry Guy, Bassist, discussing renovations with their construction engineer, Konstantinos Rappas at their Hydra home.
Violinist Maya Homburger and Barry Guy, Bassist, discussing renovations with their construction engineer, Konstantinos Rappas at their Hydra home.

I know I am not alone being interested to see how people adapt their houses on Hydra to suit their taste and needs, so yesterday I called at their house to take some before and after photos of their Hydra renovations to share.

The couples priority is to focus on their music with minimal distraction so changing the flooring from noisy ceramic tiles to wood with insulation was a must. And their composing is greatly helped having painted everything white with pale grey woodwork so they've effectively created an uncluttered blank canvas to work in.

Maya's studio was probably the most dramatic renovation quite aside from the amount of 'left-behind' items to clear. The lower ground floor of the house has been transformed into a bright studio incorporating the original stone sink, arched cooking self and original fireplace. Plus a new shower room and a smooth painted floor finish means that Maya can most importantly position her music stand so it doesn't wobble over (plus it makes the room look larger without multiple floor tiles).

After renovation of house bought by musicians Maya Homburger and Barry Guy on Hydra Island Greece.
Do-over shower room

The mid floor provides all the main house functions with a kitchen, bathroom, living space and bedroom. The kitchen layout wasn't change so much as streamlined with new marble work surfaces at the same level to keep a traditional feel. And the original red floor tiles were retained giving the newly white painted room a cosier atmosphere.

The bathroom involved a complete overhaul with the free standing bath being removed to make way for a shower with marble walls and flooring. Being fans of recycling whenever possible, Maya and Barry donated the old bath to a local mule man and it's now being used as a sturdy water trough for his mules!

White painted walls and ceiling, with a wooden floor and marble stairs transformed the living space. And mindful of disturbing noises, Maya and Barry opted for a low-energy, very quiet ceiling fan in this part of the house.

Barry's music room on the top floor is a fully functioning practice, recording and project management studio. Here he can compose, write, rehearse and record without any distractions.

Most of the wood used to build the house is pine. It starts off blond but very quickly weathers to orange, hence the reason Maya and Barry opted for such an extensive painting job. The affect, especially when the red flooring tiles were replaced with wood has made a dramatic difference. It really transforms the room, light and airy, allowing the eye to be drawn to the purpose of the space - music making!

Maya and Barry are lyrical in their praise of the contractor they used to transform their wonderful house on the hill. And I have to agree with them, Konstantinos and his team have completed a marvellous job. He coordinated and project managed every aspect including delivery (by hand with the huge pieces of marble for Barry's enormous desk), wiring, plumbing, floor laying, construction, tiling, fitting and painting. And best of all he and his team are excellent finishers taking care of rubbish disposal, edging and flawlessly cleaning.

You can contact Konstantinos for help with your Hydra renovations here:

Konstantinos Rappas

Construction Engineer

Oiknomou Street, Hydra, 18040

Mobile: +(30) 698 417 1250



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