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TAP Certificates No Longer Needed For Real Estate Sales

Updated: May 24

Filling in a TAP Certificate to declare amount of community tax paid in Greece
TAP Certificates

To streamline and speed up the sales process for real estate, the Greek Government have removed one of the documents that had until now been necessary but frequently the most difficult one for sellers to obtain.

The TAP certificate is a statement that the seller of the property does not owe any community tax to the local municipality.

Until now, all sellers have been required to obtain a fully correct and paid up TAP certificate for the property they are selling, which had to be presented to the Public Notary before the final contract could be signed.

From now on, the TAP certificate will no longer be required.

This should help the majority of sellers throughout the country to get their document folders together much more quickly.

However, any debt associated, ie any historical underpayment, will be allocated to the person named on the previous electricity bill as owing any debt. So the Government will seek payment from a person rather than the debt registered against the property. So anyone who knows they declared less m2 (as shown on their electricity bill) rather than the correct m2 on the Digital ID used for the sales contract, should anticipate having to pay arrears after completion of a sales contract.

If you are unsure of what is necessary, or need clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me. Regards, Kelsey.


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